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About Us

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AccurateLines was founded in 2009 by the ambition and efforts for two partners engineers whose have variety experience in architecture filed to cooperate together providing integrate architectural and engineering services at Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the Gulf Area.

AccurateLines offers a complete range of integrated engineering services for various categories of uses such as residential, commercial, office building, religious, educational, medical, and Mixed Use buildings.

AccurateLines vision focused from beginning on building engineering firm widespread come through big efforts of dealing alliances at the local and international levels, aims to the integration between engineering experiences and to open new markets at Gulf area and the Middle East.

AccurateLines vision aims to achieve great objectives and goals by using the most effective methodologies represented alliances criteria, which reflected on performance and quality of services and impact directly on projects life circle.

AccurateLines vision -as we target the pioneer- represented in the high caring for providing premium services and unique designs that will match modernity, sustainability and influence positively on our societies and maintain our values. We believe that our vision will come through major factors especially the accurate specifications, techniques and criteria that will influence directly the selection of design elements, systems and forming its distinctive characteristic and the variety of alternatives to achieve targets of requirements and balance all stakeholders needs.

AccurateLines vision aims to redefine the understanding of engineering consultants by targeting unique methods and apply the most updated techniques and facilities seeking to adapt and keep up nowadays modernity requirements and trends, hoping to achieve the needs of individuals and society without abandonment of its core values.

AccurateLines vision guarantee that the project requirements will be met and the main goals will be successfully achieved. It is not an operational work; every unique project has its own different inputs treated with different ways but within the same methodology. However this operation should be performed in the framework of proper management, thus Accurate lines will be able to control the balance between time, quality and cost.

We believe that engineering competencies are the most reliable asset and any tangible success cannot be achieved without diligence and sincerity of working team. So our strategy on building our team depends on important tools.

  • Firstly the way we choose our team that based on three main factors Moral - Competency - Ambition.
  • Secondly providing suitable working environment is always our main priority making sure that our staff enjoys doing their Jobs.
  • Thirdly the continuous enhancement of our employee skills by training and career development.

Based on that we have a special selective staff who will have a high level of performance for their company will and share with us our ambition of superiority dream.