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Welcome to ACCURATELINES Consultants

It is our honor and pleasure to have you here and we will be delighted if you joined us as our dear client. We have been devotedly providing valued support to our clients for over 7 years already in various fields of engineering and architectural consultancy. Over the years, we have gained a solid reputation of work efficiency, effectiveness, dedication and at most professionalism. Hopefully, we will be able to maintain a long lasting business relationship with you as well. We are always keen that you get only the best and most reliable service available. Once again it will be honor if you decided to trust us. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
  • About Us

    AccurateLines was founded in 2009 by the ambition and efforts for young partners engineers whose have variety experience in architecture filed to cooperate together providing integrate architectural


  • Our Services

    AccurateLines architects strive to create unique designs having specific objectives, effective cost, appropriate to the nature of the project and unique characteristic. With commitment to sustainability


  • Alliances

    We keep going fast growing to build a professional and qualified staff able to execute and provide the engineering service in a best way and we aim to improve and develop



Our Team Message

Our vision as we target the pioneer represented in the high caring for providing premium Services and unique designs that will matching modernity, sustainable and influence positively on our societies and maintain our values. We believe that our vision will come through important factors especially the accurate specification for techniques and criteria that will influence directly for selecting design elements, systems and forming its distinctive characteristic then the multiparty of alternatives to achieve targets of requirements and balance all stakeholders needs.

“ Accuracy is not an option…Accuracy is deserving ”


Our Clients

As any firm client satisfaction is always our main goal and all firms target the long relationship with their clients but we consider ourselves on of the minority who have a specific plans and required tools to do so and -with the help of Allah- we are clever enough to utilize our resources to achieve clients satisfaction. Simply we always spending more efforts for making the balance between Time, Quality and Cost and looking forward to achieve needs and requirements. Value Engineering one of our skills and we have long term experience in this trend which qualify us to give our clients the advice and direct them to the right ways by our experiences, sharing with them their thoughts and aspirations, trying to be part of their successful investments Meanwhile we provide them with full support all times even it was out of scope of work.